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Plugin Fields

28th September 2019 at 8:30am

Plugins are stored as tiddlers with the following fields:

author(optional) Author of plugin
dependentsList of dependencies: plugins that should be installed in order for this one to work
descriptionDescription of plugin
listNames of exposed plugin information tiddlers (see below)
nameBrief name of the plugin
plugin-priority(optional) Numerical priority (higher numbers install later, the core plugin has a priority of zero
plugin-typeGenerally plugin, language or theme; see PluginMechanism for details
parent-plugin(optional) New in: 5.1.22 Title of the plugin under which this plugin should be displayed as a sub-plugin in the control panel plugin chooser
source(optional) Source URL of plugin
textJSON encoding of the list of tiddlers comprising the plugin
titleTitle of plugin
typeMust be application/json
version(optional) Version string (should conform to SemanticVersioning convention)