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Release 5.1.22

15th April 2020 at 4:08pm

See GitHub for detailed change history of this release

Major Improvements

Dynamic Plugin Loading

Plugins can now be loaded or deleted dynamically, without requiring a reload – as long as they don't contain any JavaScript modules. Plugins that require a reload are indicated in the plugin chooser in $:/ControlPanel.

The plugin listing and the plugin chooser in the control panel feature several improvements:

  • A new "Updates" tab listing all upgrades available from a plugin library, and a button to update all of them with one click
  • Tabs are now used to display plugin libraries within the plugin chooser
  • The plugin chooser now displays plugins that provide add-on functionality to another plugin as nested "sub-plugins", making the main listing easier to navigate
  • Plugins may now declare dependencies that are automatically installed without user intervention
  • All plugins are now displayed more consistently, including a concise, informal name (in addition to the description and title)

Client-Server Improvements

This release sees several improvements to the client-server configuration:

  • Improved resilience to connection errors. Errors encountered by the browser are automatically retried, and when they succeed the associated error messages are automatically removed
  • Changes to system tiddlers are now synchronised from the server to the browser
  • Deletions of tiddlers on the server are now synchronised to the browser
  • New "cloud" page control button with a dropdown menu showing status and additional actions:
    • "Refresh from server" to force an immediate check for changes from the server
    • "Logout"
    • "Save snapshot for offline use" to save a copy of the wiki without the client-server components
    • "Copy syncer logs to clipboard" to make it easier to ask end users for debugging information
  • Added "filter" and "exclude" parameters to the GET /recipes/default/tiddlers.json endpoint to allow the returned tiddlers and fields to be filtered
  • Enhanced LazyLoading to include skinny versions of tiddlers in the HTML file, and to avoid unnecessary loads from the server
  • The official plugin library is now disabled when the tiddlyweb adaptor is active
  • Internal file system details are no longer exposed to browsers when a file request fails (see

See the pull request on GitHub for more details.

New compare Operator

Added a new filter operator for comparing numbers, strings, dates and version numbers. For example:

returns nothing
returns "2"
returns "2"
=1.2 =1.8 =2.3 =3.4 =7.2 +[compare:number:gt[1.5]compare:number:lt[2.5]]
returns "1.8" "2.3"
returns "no"

New Plugins

  • Added new menubar plugin that creates a menu bar that is responsive on mobile devices, and supports search, dropdowns and links
  • Added new freelinks plugin to automatically create links from any tiddler title, without having to type double square brackets or use CamelCase.
  • Added new dynannotate plugin containing primitives for overlaying annotations or highlights over other content
  • Added new share plugin for sharing tiddlers via the URL location hash
  • Switched the markdown plugin to the newer and improved remarkable library

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Chinese translation
  • Improved Dutch translation
  • Improved French translation
  • Improved German translations
  • Improved Portuguese translation

Performance Improvements

Usability Improvements

Hackability Improvements

Bug Fixes


@Jermolene would like to thank the contributors to this release who have generously given their time to help improve TiddlyWiki: