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Hidden Setting: Disable Drag and Drop

15th March 2020 at 2:36pm
Hidden Settings

To disable all the drag and drop operations that are built into the core, set the following tiddler to "no":


To selectively re-enable drag and drop for an instance of the list-tagged-draggable Macro or list-links-draggable Macro you must ensure that the variable tv-enable-drag-and-drop is set to yes for the scope of the macro invocation. For example, note how it is still possible to use drag and drop within this list even if $:/config/DragAndDrop/Enable is set to "no":

<$set name="tv-enable-drag-and-drop" value="yes">

<<list-tagged-draggable tag:"HelloThere">>


That renders as:

Note that when using the DropzoneWidget and the DroppableWidget directly the enable attribute works independently of the global setting.