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15th October 2016 at 12:29pm


Plugins are bundles of tiddlers that are distributed and managed as a single unit by being packed into a single JSON tiddler. Users can install them with drag and drop, or using the plugin library.

The tiddlers within registered plugins behave as ShadowTiddlers: they can be freely overwritten by creating a tiddler with the same title, but deleting that tiddler restores the underlying tiddler value from the plugin.

Plugins have a plugin-type field that may take the following values:

  • plugin (default) - a plain plugin
  • theme - a theme plugin (see ThemeMechanism)
  • language - for translations only

Plugins can be used to package ordinary content, or can include JavaScript modules that extend and enhance the core TiddlyWiki5 functionality.

Plugins conventionally have a title of the form $:/plugins/publisher/name. Plugins that are part of the core TiddlyWiki distribution have titles of the form $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/name.

When running TiddlyWiki under Node.js, plugins can also be stored as individual tiddler files in PluginFolders.

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