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Installing a plugin from the plugin library

 17th June 2022 at 12:21pm

If you want to follow the steps side by side you can .

Follow these instructions when using TiddlyWiki as a standalone, single file wiki.

  1. Open your TiddlyWiki in a browser
  2. Create a backup of your current wiki file (just in case)
  3. Open the
    • Click on the Plugins tab and then the
    • Get more plugins button
  4. Click open plugin library to open the official plugin library
  5. When the library listing is loaded:
    1. Use the tab to select between plugins, themes and languages
    2. Use the search box to search the plugin details
  6. Click the install button to install a plugin
  7. Save your TiddlyWiki
  8. If a yellow warning bar appears at the top of the window, refresh the window so that TiddlyWiki completes installation of the plugin
  9. The plugin should now be available for use

If you use TiddlyWiki with Node.js have a closer look at Installing official plugins on Node.js
An overview can be found at Plugins