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Sharing your tiddlers with others

28th March 2017 at 3:27pm

There are a number of ways that people can share tiddlers:

  • You can attach a TiddlyWiki to an e-mail
  • You can publish your TiddlyWiki online, and grab a link to send or message to others:
    • A link to the URL of the file itself
    • A permalink ( ) to a specific tiddler (see PermaLinks)
    • A permaview ( ) link of all the currently open tiddlers (see PermaView)
  • You can grab tiddlers from TiddlyWikis that others have published online by clicking on a link to the tiddler within their file, and then dragging and dropping the link into your own file. An import tiddler will appear, and you can click to import the tiddler or tiddlers to your file (see Importing Tiddlers)
  • You can share a Dropbox link to your TiddlyWiki
  • You can export tiddlers ( ) in a variety of formats including text, static HTML, comma separated values (ie spreadsheet compatible)