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6th April 2017 at 9:31am

The draggable widget creates a DOM element that can be dragged by the user. It only works on browsers that support drag and drop, which typically means desktop browsers, but there are workarounds.

The draggable element can be assigned a list of tiddlers that are used as the payload. See DragAndDropMechanism for an overview.

Content and Attributes

tiddlerOptional title of the payload tiddler for the drag
filterOptional filter defining the payload tiddlers for the drag
classOptional CSS classes to assign to the draggable element. The class tc-draggable is added automatically, and the class tc-dragging is applied while the element is being dragged
tagOptional tag to override the default "div" element

Either or both of the tiddler and filter attributes must be specified in order for there to be a payload to drag.

The LinkWidget incorporates the functionality of the DraggableWidget via the draggable attribute.