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Generating Static Sites with TiddlyWiki

22nd June 2016 at 11:13am
TiddlyWiki on Node.js

TiddlyWiki5 can be used to generate static HTML representations of a TiddlyWiki that doesn't need JavaScript.

There is much flexibility in how the static HTML is generated. The following scenarios are all illustrated on

Wiki Snapshots and Tiddler Snapshots

You can explore a static representation of this TiddlyWiki at static.html. That file is a static snapshot of the current DefaultTiddlers. Any tiddlers that it links to are referred to via URLs of the form /static/HelloThere.html that point to static snapshots of individual tiddlers. The tiddler HTML files reference a static.css stylesheet file.

The following commands are used to generate the sample static version of the TiddlyWiki5 site:

--rendertiddlers [!is[system]] $:/core/templates/static.tiddler.html static text/plain
--rendertiddler $:/core/templates/static.template.html static.html text/plain
--rendertiddler $:/core/templates/static.template.css static/static.css text/plain

The first RenderTiddlersCommand generates the HTML representations of individual tiddlers, the second RenderTiddlerCommand saves the static version of the DefaultTiddlers, and the final RenderTiddlerCommand saves the stylesheet. (All the files are placed in the output folder of the wiki folder).

Wiki Snapshot with Internal Links

It is also possible to produce a single HTML file that contains static representations of tiddlers, and uses standard HTML anchor links to jump between them.

For example: alltiddlers.html

The example is built by the following commands:

--rendertiddler $:/core/templates/alltiddlers.template.html alltiddlers.html text/plain