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 12th June 2016 at 1:20pm

Tagging is a way of organising tiddlers into categories. For example, if you had tiddlers representing various individuals, you could tag them as friend, family, colleague etc to indicate these people's relationships to you.

A tag is in fact just a tiddler (or a potential tiddler), and it can have tags of its own. You can add any number of tags to the same tiddler.

See Creating and editing tiddlers for instructions on how to tag.

By tagging your tiddlers, you can view, navigate and organise your information in numerous additional ways:

  • The coloured tag pills on a tiddler give you quick access to all the other tiddlers with the same tag, as well as to the tiddler that represents the tag itself.
  • If a tiddler is serving as a tag, then the Tagging tab in its InfoPanel will show you which tiddlers are currently tagged with it.
  • The More tab of the sidebar has a Tags tab that presents an overview of all your tags and lets you access all your tagged tiddlers.
  • You can use filters to create lists of tiddlers based on their tags. You can then display any combination of the fields of those tiddlers. For example, you could build a glossary by listing the title and text of all tiddlers tagged Glossary. Such lists can be formatted in any way you wish: e.g. bulleted, numbered or comma-separated.
  • There are a number of special system tags that control the layout of tiddlers and the entire TiddlyWiki page. See Page and tiddler layout customisation for instructions.

There are two more things you can do with tags:

Set a tag's colour and icon

You can use the tag manager, found on the Tags tab under More in the sidebar, to change the colour of a tag's pill or add an icon to the pill.

  • To change the colour, click the button in the Colour column to select from a colour picker. Alternatively, click the icon in the Info column, then type a CSS colour value in the Colour field
  • To change the icon, click the button in the Icon column and choose from the list of available icons

Change the order in which tags are listed

By default, tagged tiddlers are listed in alphabetical order.

If you want any other order, add a list field to the tag tiddler, and set its value to be a list of the tiddlers in that order.

The list field doesn't have to mention all of the tiddlers. See the precise rules TiddlyWiki uses to order tagged tiddlers.