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tv-wikilink-template Variable

28th August 2017 at 9:56am
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The tv-wikilink-template variable controls the value of the href attribute on the HTML a element generated by the $link widget. The tv-filter-export-link, if defined, it takes precedence over the tv-wikilink-template variable.

This variable has no useful effect when TiddlyWiki is running in a browser, as the href attribute is ignored there – links between tiddlers are performed by JavaScript instead. The variable comes into play when one is using the Node.js configuration to generate a static version of a wiki.

The variable is treated as if it was a macro with the following parameters:

The title of the target tiddler of the link, but percent-encoded
The value of the uri_encoded parameter but percent-encoded again, i.e. with its % characters further converted to %25

\define tv-wikilink-template() ../tiddlers/$uri_encoded$.html

The variable defaults to #$uri_encoded$.

See also the tv-get-export-link variable, which dominates over this one.